People of the Mountain

Our History

For generations upon generations, we have traditionally canoed along main rivers and tributaries in Tsay Keh Dene territory, and we have traveled the numerous trails carved out along river tributaries by foot and dog sled. Our community is still active on the land today, with many of us enjoying outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, camping, and hunting. Our lands and waterways, and the activities and relationship we have with them, are a large part of who we are. 

Our history—both the good and the hardships—have shaped who we are and how we live in the present. To illustrate this with one of many cases, a lot of our land and culture was lost from the flooding that was a direct result of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam construction in the 1960s. We lost our waterways and our traditional hunting grounds, we saw our traditional territory be swallowed up, and we had our homes, cemeteries, and gathering sites clawed away. Each generation has felt the impact of the loss of cultural knowledge, language, natural medicines, hunting, and land use. 

Despite all the storms we have had to brace, Tsay Keh Dene is resilient and here to stay.

Our Culture and Community

We are spiritually connected to the land. The rivers, creeks, and lakes have provided us with both food and our livelihood. Our culture, traditions, and past experiences are the essence of who we are, where we belong, and how we relate to one another and the land. We are developed by the people and land surrounding us—the land in which we’ve grown—and whatever the connection to this space, our collective cultural identity provides a sense of belonging and a united strength in who we are as Tsay Keh Dene. 

Our Nation believes in our employees and our community, and we strive to be responsive and respectful to all with whom we cross paths. Our people have created a vibrant community through hard work and continued commitment to our core values, beliefs, and principles. We are always reaching for sustainable growth as we continue trying to improve the quality of life of all our members throughout our land and communities.

Our Mission and Vision

We believe very strongly in our employees and our community, and we strive to be responsive and respectful to all we interact with.


Tsay Keh Dene strives to promote and provide high quality public service, healing and active cultural practices, education and economic sustainability to the Nation and its Membership through sound governance principles and responsible development.


Tsay Keh Dene aims to be a proud, self-sufficient, and unified Nation by employing the best standards and practices in the promotion of Tsay Keh Dene culture, conservation, revitalization, responsibilities as well as our standards.

Chief and Council

Elder Advisors


Jean Isaac

Ray Izony

Ray Izony

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