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About Us

The Health & Wellness department promotes well-being in our community by offering quality health and wellness services for community members of all ages and showing respect to each individual. We offer mental health services, patient travel, Tsay Keh Clinic operations, First Responder care, home and community care, the Elders’ Home, Healing Camps, and funeral arrangements.

Dear community,

We’re committed to promoting health and wellness in the community, and we’re dedicated to offering your the best quality in services for all community members. We know that everyone has a responsibility for their own physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, so our programs are designed to support each person’s growth, well-being, and primary health.

Programs and Services

  • We provide each Elder with their own suite
  • We have a common living area so Elders have a chance to connect and socialize
  • We provide meals and assistance for those who need it for medication and other care needs 
  • We promote health through education, activities, workshops, and etc. We also educate and provide resources on disease prevention and disease complication prevention through consultation, referral, and in-home visits, training, education, and support.
  • We assist with health check-ups for health concerns like blood pressure, diabetes, and dental issues. We provide transportation to and from the clinic for those who require transport.
  • Homemaker staff members can assist with household duties and mobility needs for community members.
  • Home care staff members act as liaisons with community nutritionists and health nurses to ensure our elders get the best quality of care. We also inform elders of and connect them to workshops designed for elder care in community.
  • We coordinate the Elders’ Lunch Program once a month at the elders’ home, where they can participate in various crafts and activities while enjoying a healthy lunch. 
  • Women’s Group – led by Tsay Keh’s mental health staff.
  • Men’s Group – led by various community members.
  • All medical travel is paid and approved through FNHA Benefits (First Nations Health Authority). We follow the proper guidelines outlined by the FNHA so that Tsay Keh Dene does not become liable for the money spent on and through patient travel.
  • The Patient Travel program covers certain travel costs related to medical care outside the community.
  • We offer counseling services to all community members. All services are confidential and private; we do not share information without the written and requested consent of the client. We may refuse service to clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. (Clients may reschedule appointments and attend when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.)
  • Our Counsellors also develop and facilitate workshops that are appropriate for the community, and they participate in implementing and facilitating healing, culture, or family camps.
  • Counselling services also include residential treatment referrals. Individuals should have treatment programs that fit and help them. No two individuals are the same, and each client will have a different healing process, so we will help plan treatments that are tailored to work for individual community members. 
  • We provide nursing services and monthly doctor visits. We have a regular nurse practitioner to support the community’s needs. 
  • We have a Community Clinic located in Tsay Keh Dene (see office location details for our latest clinic hours) 
  • Our reception answers phones 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Nurses are available after hours on clinic line.
  • The Clinic receptionist assists with setting appointments and liaises with the patient travel coordinator to set appointments out of community to provide consistent health care in the community. The reception plays an active role in the community by promoting health awareness in the community and collaborating with existing community resources such as the school, aboriginal infant development program, nutritionist, safe home, and mental health services in the community. 
  • The Clinic receptionist collaborates with the Home and Community Care program and the FNHA through training, education, and direction to distribute Natural and Traditional Medicines to those who choose such options.

Contact Us

Main Office
1940 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC V2M 1G7
Office Hours: Monday to Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 250-562-8882
Fax: 250-562-8899

Office in Community
90 Ingenika Street, Tsay Keh Dene, BC V0J 3N0
Our second office location is at the new Health Centre building.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 250-993-2181 ext: 0 for reception
Fax: 250-562-8899

Our Team


Peter Vlahos

Health Director
Athena Ewald

Athena Ewald

Health and Wellness Manager

Nikki Bloomfield

Home and Community Care Coordinator

Hayley Bridger

Patient Travel Clerk

Trey Hancock

Patient Travel Clerk

Donna Mindel

Elders Home Care Aide

Yvonne Isaac

Elders Home Care Aide

Gina Isaac

Home Care Aide

Vanessa Pierre

Home Care Aide

Joyce Abou

Clinic Reception

Joann Belcourt

Wellness Leader 

Nathan Mindel

Health and Wellness Liaison 

Bruce Miller

Patient Travel Medical Driver

Vacant Positions

No Positions Found

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