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Our Sekani cultural identity is who we are; it is what gives us knowledge of our place in the world, where we stand with nature, the elements, and animals, and it is what makes our surroundings our home. It is our identity. Language & Culture sustains and invests in the rebuilding and practicing of culture, ceremony, and language for our community and for future generations. We ensure that every Tsay Keh member has access to culture, language learning, history, and cultural ceremony.

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721 2nd Ave, Prince George, BC
Office Hours: Monday to Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Office: 236-612-004

Our Team


Dr. Sina Abad

Director of Language & Culture

Lorraine Baker


Lydia Blackwell

Farm and Food Sustainability Coordinator

Committee Members:

  • Ray Izony – Elder Advisor/Committee Member
  • Darlene Kozicki – Committee Member
  • Helen Poole – Committee Member
  • Elsie Pierre – Committee Member
  • Rita McIsaac – Committee Member
  • Jean Isaac – Elder Advisor
  • Lena McCook  – Committee Member
  • Billy Poole – Committee Member
  • Rose Dennis – Committee Member

Vacant positions:

  • Language and Culture Cooridinator
  • Language and Culture Elder Liaison Officer
  • Camp Care Taker – Seasonal Curriculum Development

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